An Introduction

Don’t worry, I don’t enjoy introductions either. I usually skip them and dig right into the content. You’re more than welcome to do so, but if you’re curious as to who I am and why this is here, read on.

Who am I?

Anthony Karcz – runner, writer, father, husband, nerd. What kind of nerd? I grew up in the 80s watching Transformers and G.I. Joe. Discovered fantasy novels in middle school and devoured Tolkein and anything else I could get my hands on. Found comics then, too. That should be enough for you to figure out my etymology. The rest you’ll glean from the site.

Why is this here?

Ultimately, this will be where I feature snippets from my upcoming superhero novella, The League. Right now it’s a work in progress; but I’m closing in on being able to release bits for preview (this blog is here to spur me into finalizing the first installment). I’ll also be offering up thoughts on items that interest me in the comic industry (with guest posts from my cohorts in crime at Sweep The Leg).

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