Guess Who #2

So do you think you got the answer right to today’s Guess Who? I posted this on Twitter and Facebook this morning:

And here’s the answer:

It’s Dazzler! 
Now, granted, she’s never been an “A” class superhero. Heck, she’s barely been B class, and that’s only because of her X-Men association. 
But do you know any other hero that fights crime on glittery roller skates? I think not. 
And I will readily admit, when I discovered Dazzler, I was at an age when I cared more about the plunging neckline of her costume than her powers or skates (*cough, cough*). 
There’s no deep rumination on this one. Sometimes all you need to make a hero successful is dedication to a theme. And if Dazzler isn’t Disco-Hero through-and-through, then I don’t have a clue what is.

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