Guess Who #4

So do you think you got the answer right to today’s Guess Who? I posted this on Twitter and Facebook this morning:

And here’s the answer:

It’s Iceman!
Well…not really. 
I mean, it is Iceman. But it’s not Bobby Drake driving. In Uncanny X-Men 314, Emma Frost (who was still villainous back then) was out of commission; but was so driven to find out what happened to her team that she reached out from her comatose self and hijacked Iceman’s body. What I loved here was that she took Bobby’s powers and pulled out all the stops, doing things that he had always been afraid to try. He wasn’t just a guy wearing ice armor and throwing snowballs anymore, he was an elemental being, the kind only glimpsed in Age of Apocalypse (where he was powerful enough to, completely reconstitute himself after being totally vaporized). And this was more than just a “villain hijacks a hero to do bad,” kinda story. Emma’s intentions were altruistic and, once she found out the Hellions fate, she stood down…grudgingly (it’s still a comic, after all). It was a one-off issue that was a lot more nuanced than it had any right to be and ended up having lasting repercussions in the X-Men universe. 

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