‘Supergirl’ Expands the DC TV Universe


Fair warning – if you haven’t seen Monday’s Supergirl, you’ll want to skip this post.

If you don’t care about spoilers, then keep going.

So…how about that Hank reveal, eh?

‘Supergirl’ has done a great job so far of expanding their little corner of whatever it is the DC Universe is doing over on CBS. Maxwell Lord makes a great Lex Luthor stand-in and Red Tornado is a good B-List hero to flip the script and make villainous.

But revealing Hank as Martian Manhunter? That’s a bold move. While most people might not know or care about ol’ J’on, he holds a pretty high status in the comics universe. As in, if Superman or Wonder Woman are down for the count, he’s the next guy on the list.

My only issue with the reveal goes back to my musing before about where Supergirl falls in this multi-tentacled media monster that DC is creating. Having the show be the corner of the TV universe where aliens and high-powered villains got introduced would be perfect, since The Flash is dealing with science and Arrow is all about mysticism and vigilantes. Except DC has explicitly said they don’t want it crossing over with the (amazing) CW shows.

And from what I’ve found, Supergirl doesn’t really tie into the movie universe either, especially not the grimdark frown-fest that is Batman v Superman.

Keeping Supergirl siloed doesn’t make any sense to me. Especially when there are such great DC shows already on TV with a dedicated following. I mean, J’on can be anyone. How easy would it be to have him crossover? Hopefully whoever is in charge of DC TV will see the light at some point and Crisis on Infinite Earths their shows into one big, happy continuity.

Except for Gotham. Keep that bag of crazy out!

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