The League

Gooooood morning, readers! There’s just one day left until ‘Nightingale’ hits the shelves! Well, the virtual shelves at any rate – real shelves will come once you lovely people start leaving reviews. I’ve got one more excerpt to whet your appetite. You can read more about Magnificent and her crew […]

Friday ‘Nightingale’ Excerpt – Magnificent vs. Bacon

So about three months ago, a friend of mine (the illustrious Jennifer Minchin) told me about a Twitter hashtag contest: “You’re writing a book, right?”“Yeah.”“You should submit your pitch to the #PitMad tag on Twitter.”“OK.” At which point I promptly forgot about it until after the contest deadline had ended. […]

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

So I find myself with some time in-between stages of my current WIP and I’m faced with a problem. I’m starting a story and I have an idea where it fits in to my universe as a whole; but I don’t know what piece it should belong to. Should I […]

What’s This?

When I started this whole novel writing process a little less than a year ago, I only had the slightest of ideas what I wanted to do other than “just finish.” Now I’ve got over 44,000 words, with more stories still untold, and things are starting to get…interesting.  Stay tuned.