The League Cycle, Book 2 – Plugging Away…

Checking my Scrivener app, I can see I need to start hitting North of 15,000 words per day to meet my self-imposed May 30 deadline. Considering I’ve been averaging around 500 words per day…yeah, not going to happen.

So what happened? A lot of things! But the important one is that I spent a lot of time these past couple of months just figuring out where I wanted the to book to go, if the nascent plot arc I’d figured out in December still fit for The League Cycle (spoiler alert: it didn’t). I wasn’t productive on the page; but I know now where the book is going, and that should make a big difference when it comes to fleshing out Book 2.

There are also intriguing possibilities in relation to how I’ll proceed with this book. Do I release short stories and novellas this time around to prime the pump and follow the Lillian Nirvana technique (5 down, 1 in the hole…which sounds like a weird octopus sex act)? If so, then the word count I’ve set for myself (around 60k, I’m not going to go all J.K. Rowling with the sequels!), is not sufficient.

So there are still things to worry about; but I’m confident that the new characters I’ve developed will be rich mines of material that I can strip for my own nefarious purposes. I’m still plugging away! And I’m planning for there to be even more of The League Cycle world for y’all to dig in to.

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