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Back in 2012, there was an absolutely amazing set of short cartoons done by Lauren Faust (of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fame) for DC that focused on three super BFFs: The titular Super BFFs, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl oozed enough fun, chemistry, and general kick-buttedness that my daughter […]

DC Finally Realizes Girls are a Targetable Demographic – ‘DC ...

Ever since I signed up for the incredibly awesome Marvel Unlimited service (you get access to nearly all of Marvel’s library, with a six-month delay on new issues), New Comic Day coincides with Marvel’s Monday refresh of the app. This morning I was thrilled to see I’m finally getting the […]

Bring Me the Brain of Charles Xavier!

Gooooood morning, readers! There’s just one day left until ‘Nightingale’ hits the shelves! Well, the virtual shelves at any rate – real shelves will come once you lovely people start leaving reviews. I’ve got one more excerpt to whet your appetite. You can read more about Magnificent and her crew […]

Friday ‘Nightingale’ Excerpt – Magnificent vs. Bacon