Friday Fiction: Audition 1

DS is one of the earliest characters to come to me as I started piecing The League together. Where exactly he fits in to the retinue is something I’m still working on. He will be making an appearance; but he’s not ready for the full spotlight yet. 

In the meantime, here’s a glimpse at his audition for the team.


“This is bullshit, man! Everyone knows that velociraptors were the size of a turkey!” The balcony railing squealed under the man’s hands as he stared down at the first floor of the children’s museum. His day-glo green costume strained against his chest, seams already popping. 

“DS, calm down, man.” His companion looked down worriedly at the families milling about. Children grabbed their parent’s hands and pulled them over to their favorite dinosaurs. They looked happy. He was jealous. “This is just a low-budget traveling exhibit. It’s been touring the country since, like, Jurassic Park came out – they just don’t update anymore.”
“Calm down? Who you tellin’ to calm down?!” With a wave of his arm, DS unfurled great folds of leathery skin. A keening started in the back of his throat and his head started to elongate, his teeth sharpen. “Where are the feathers? That’s not even a recent finding, man! Velociraptors had large wing feathers!”
He turned his head, now mishapen, the eyes migrating to the sides, the round pupils contracting into slits. “What the fuck you think the DS on my chest is for anyway? Dilophosaurus?”
“What are you…? I mean…that doesn’t even make sense.”
“Damn right it doesn’t make sense! I’m Dinosaur Savior! And I speak for the extinct!” Transformation complete, Dinosaur Savior launched himself from the balcony and glided into the nearest animatronic construct – a somewhat balding Mastadon that bleated mechanically as 200 pounds of sinew barreled into its side.
Back on the balcony, Dino-myte adjusted his domino mask and shook his head. “Pteradons aren’t even dinosaurs, you asshole.”

Elementary schoolers screamed and scattered as DS unsuccessfully tried to untangle himself from the wreckage. Dino-myte turned and walked purposely for the nearest exit, his finger already hovering over the speed dial for The League’s Collection Unit. As far as auditions went…well, it went about as well as he’d expected.

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