Guess Who #3

So do you think you got the answer right to today’s Guess Who? I posted this on Twitter and Facebook this morning:

And here’s the answer:

Did you guess Archangel? I would have taken Angel as well, since he’s still blue with metal wings (occasionally) in modern comics and goes by that. 
Before I get into the characterization that makes him one of my favorites, could we talk about the costume? There is no decade other than the 90s where purply-pink and dark blue could be thrown together and be called a “good” costume. Add in the silver metal wings and it’s possibly the most 90s thing ever.  
This was another instance of “good hero gone bad.” Long story short, the blond-haired, trust-funded, winged hero, Angel, gets betrayed and “saved” by long-time X-Men nemesis Apocalypse, who turns him into his horseman, Death. After he is rescued, Angel, calling himself Archangel now, goes on a rampage that includes him decapitating the man who betrayed him. This was one of the first times I’d experienced a hero going for the throat (if you’ll pardon the pun) and taking a decidedly villainous turn to fix their problems. Granted, the 80s and 90s had a lot of that, sort of a Golden Age backlash, I suppose; but it was still new to me. It was a vengeance story from an unexpected character and I remember being conflicted at how cool I thought the whole thing was, while still being concerned about what this meant for Angel, how he would handle everything after he “snapped out of it.”

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