Lady Thor Stands Revealed! 

Since a new goddess strolled in and picked up the hammer from the, now-unworthy, Odinson a few months back, there has been abundant speculation as to her true identity. Some thought it was Freyja, pissed that Odin discounted her stint as the sole ruler of Asgard. Others said it must be Angela, the escapee from the Image universe that Marvel has crammed sideways into theirs. But a few had a different theory, one that makes the character infinitely more interesting. Who is it?

Thor #8 (published tomorrow) reveals it’s not an impotent deity wielding Mjolnir but a very mortal Jane Foster (you know her as Thor’s main squeeze in the movies). Not only is she picking up where the unworthy Thor left off; but she’s doing it despite the fact it’s killing her. See, Jane has been battling breast cancer in the comics, and it seems that being a god isn’t very good for your long term health.

I’m excited to see where the writers take the story from here. Absolute power, while fun, gets pretty boring after a while. It’s only when there is something at stake that the reader is truly engaged. No bigger stakes than a date with the Reaper!

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