‘Nightingale’ News! 1

All kinds of great stuff happened this past weekend. I made a breakthrough on the plot for Book 2 of The League Cycle and got some nascent ideas for Book 3. Nightingale continues to do nicely in weekend sales. My amazing wife threw me the best surprise book release party ever (which Google conveniently threw into a fun little story for me on G+).

And I figured out the surprisingly undaunting ACX process and sent out some requests for auditions from narrators.

That last bit leads me to this announcement: Nightingale will be an audiobook! I reached an agreement with a narrator earlier today and we’re going to start production immediately! Once it’s ready (hopefully in a little less than six weeks), it will be available for sale directly on Amazon and Audible! So for those of you who like to get your reading in via your audio receptors, you’ll have some awesome ear candy soon!

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