When Fiction Attacks! The Gunfighter

One of the things I absolutely love in fiction, any fiction, is artful deconstruction of the meta. It’s something that I am horrible at, mostly because I’m too terrified to really commit. And that’s the rub, if you’re going to start poking at that fourth wall, you’d better be prepared to poke your finger right through.

So when I saw “meta Western” in the description for this short, I had to click. I’m glad I did. An omniscient narrator paints the scene; problem is, everyone else can hear him too. Warning – it’s filthy; but I never let a few cuss words bother me…or talk of whores…or bestiality…um…yeah, if you’re sensitive to impolite conversation at all, you’ll want to skip this one. (But for the rest of you, it’s great!)

The Gunfighter from Eric Kissack on Vimeo.

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