Guess Who #1

So I decided to have some fun today and posted this over on Twitter and my Facebook page:

And asked my followers to “Guess who?”

Well, as promised (and most of you guessed), here’s the answer!

Yup, it’s Mohawk Storm as she appeared in Uncanny X-Men #173. 
I recently learned that Storm’s outfit in this issue was the result of a “joke gone too far” by the creators; but to an early-80s kid, who thought that punk rock was amazing, her shift from “Weather Goddess” to “Punk Rock Grrrrl” was mind-blowing. And lucky for me, the shift in costume mitigated a shift in tone for Ororo. Her “darker” look brought with it a darker outlook. Granted, she was going through things like Brood invasions and trysts with Wolverine (because that’s going to end well); but I found it a welcome change from the aloofness that she’d exhibited previously, making me care about a character that I’d mostly dismissed. 
That preference has remained till today, with me purchasing just about anything, Pavlovian-like, that features Mohawk Storm. 
But tell me you wouldn’t watch the ever-loving stuffing out of a buddy cop series that starred Mohawk Storm and Rogue:
There’s so much character in this one panel from All New X-Men I don’t even know where to start. 
In the end, what started as a joke became an empowering moment for one of the core female characters in the X-Men. I might not have realized that’s what was happening when I was 9; but the gravity of it certainly resonated with me then and still does now.

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